03 December, 2010

Essie: nail polish "Fall Colection" 2010

Now I'm so into Nail polish so that it's driven me to purchase a mini 4 of fall collection. 
Unfortunatly, that I didn't order this online cos I've got this for a very nice price.
So I've got it from Douglas in 12,95  Eur. 
Just Check the price around cos in Internet is not that cheap!!!
So I've got four mini nail polish!!! 

So I'd like to show you my swatch (just one coat)

Merino Cool

Sew Psyched.

Limited Addiction.
Actually I don't like to have such a red or colourful on my nails but I find that this red is very cute. I will wear it on Christmas Day :))) 

Little Brown Dress
It'S very normal so that I wanna give it away !!!! such a normal deep brown and can seen as a black colour!!

 Firstly,I've tried this grey green on my twenty nails :) (Sry for my very short nail. I can't really have long nails in this time)

(Two coat)

Hope you're enjoy!!! 
Ps. I wanna try "Matt about you so bad"!

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