17 November, 2010

Review: Benefit Silky powder eyeshadow

Shade : Moody  and  Soft Schoulder (Discontinued!)
bought: 5th November

Benefit silky powder eyeshadow is single matt eyeshadow which comes in a black classic jar. I've picked two colours to try. Ok Let'S go to the first colour

1. Moody

One of the problem for new reviewer like me is explanation the colour!!!! Ok Let's me try!! It looks like soft grey taup and a bit brown tone !!! Ok It looks more grey. When I've touch with my finger. I realized that why it called "silky". Because its texture is very soft ans silky.

I just like it's colour. First of all, when i apply it. I can't really see its colour. Actually I'd say that It's not a pigment eyeshadows one which we love. The colour pay off is better when i apply the second coat!! Moody is something you can wear t o

2. Soft shoulder

such a matt bright redish brown colour!!! 

and then swatch on my NC35

Left: Moody, Right: Soft Shoulder

This two shade of Eyeshadow are for casual look, working look or  everyday look. It just give you soft colour on your eye lids. In case that someday You don't want to have much colour on your lid, you can just have "moody" above your black or brown eyeliner and that's it!!!  

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