06 March, 2011

My Saturday

Today is my first to join yoga class at 24 hour fitness. I was surprised there were many both guys and women in the class. People are really into yoga. The instructor is nice too. It was so fun taking her class. I actually imagined that the way she talked would have been like in my yoga DVD. haha For example, EXHALE GO BACK TO DOWNDOG AND INHALE. Then do the tree pose, bla bla. hehe

Other than that, I want to buy a new yoga mat and a yoga bag. I saw this pink mat on website. It's very cute but I actually want it in purple color with this print. I could not find it yet.

After yoga class, I went to have lunch with my friends.
I really enjoyed my first steak after my veggie life.

Then I bought stuff for Rosa. Here are stuff:
1. Mac Mineralize skin finish natural in medium plus( but I bought a wrong one lol so tmr I will exchange it at Macys)
2. Urban decay glide eyeliner in ZERO

By the way, I gotta start to be productive today. I will update it more later.

I will be back in a jiffy. take care

P.S. I am feeling blue today. =( but no worries! I will be ok soon. =)


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